• Amir-Cooler-for-PS4-Vertical-Stand-Cooling-Fan-Dual-Charging-Station-with-3-HUB-Ports-14-Slot-Game-Disc-Storage-Multifunctional-PlayStation-4-AccessoryAmir-Cooler-for-PS4-Vertical-Stand-Cooling-Fan-Dual-Charging-Station-with-3-HUB-Ports-14-Slot-Game-Disc-Storage-Multifunctional-PlayStation-4-Accessory
    £39.99 £17.78

    Amir Cooler for PS4, Vertical Stand Cooling Fan, Dual Charging Station with 3 HUB Ports, 14 Slot Game Disc Storage, Multifunctional PlayStation 4 Accessory

    ALL-IN-ONE PACK: This ps4 controller Includes PS4 Console Vertical Stand + 2 Cooling Fans + Controller Charging Docks + 14 Slot Game Disc Storage + 3 Additional HUB Ports.
    3 HUB PORTS: Added with 3 HUB ports to charge other devices which may needed to play with the game. Compared to other charging station that has 2 USB, our ps4 controller is multifunctional and enables you connect other devices like tablets, phones and cameras.
    14 GAME DISC STORAGE: Our ps4 controller is constructed with 14 slot Game disc storage area, you can easily store your game discs close to your PS4. Space saving! No need to buy another game disc storage tower. Money saving!

  • Sony-PlayStation-DualShock-4Sony-PlayStation-DualShock-4

    Sony PlayStation DualShock 4

    The feel, shape, and sensitivity of the dual analog sticks and trigger buttons have been improved to provide a greater sense of control, no matter what you play
    The multi-touch and clickable touch pad opens up worlds of new gameplay possibilities for both newcomers and veteran gamers
    The three LEDs inside the light bar can generate a rainbow of colors, that combine with the PlayStation Camera, to create immersive gaming experiences; It also allows for easy player identification and screen adjustment when playing with friends in the same room