• Super-Mario-3D-World-Selects-Nintendo-Wii-USuper-Mario-3D-World-Selects-Nintendo-Wii-U

    Super Mario 3D World Selects (Nintendo Wii U)

    Play with up to 4 people!
    Each character has unique abilities and play styles. For example, Princess Peach glides over gaps, while Luigi has his trademark extra-high jump
    The new cat transformation allows players to run on all fours, pounce on enemies, attack in midair or use their claws to scamper up walls and goal poles

  • Paper-Mario-Color-Splash-Nintendo-Wii-UPaper-Mario-Color-Splash-Nintendo-Wii-U

    Paper Mario: Color Splash (Nintendo Wii U)

    A hilarious action-adventure game set on mysterious Prism Island
    The Paint Hammer lets Mario restore the drained colour of Prism Island: colour in colourless spots to solve puzzles and search for clues, or revive Toads who have been drained of their colour!
    New Battle Card system: cleverly use Battle Cards during puzzling battles to defeat enemies, summon objects with Things cards, and use Enemy cards to summon allies

  • The-Escapists-PC-DVDThe-Escapists-PC-DVD

    The Escapists (PC DVD)

    6 Fully operational prisons to give you a flavour of how it *really* is inside!
    10 Separate job opportunities for you to sink your teeth into…
    If you have the knowledge to earn and hold down employment paths of course!